Lexware zeiterfassung (time tracking) – another mobile app for Haufe-Lexware

Corporate KarmaCorporate Karma @en

As a follow-up to the successful “Lexware Brutto-Netto-Rechner” (gross/net calculator) – the most-sold app for Windows Phone 7 in the “finance” category – Lexware has launched the mobile application “Lexware zeiterfassung” (time tracking).

With this app, you can track working times at any time or place and create reports per project or per client. The app allows for management of clients, projects, activities and budgets on the go. Users can create new categories and assign working times easily. The app can also be synchronized with the PC desktop software “Lexware zeitmanagement” (time management).

Lexware zeiterfassung is available for Windows Phone 7, iPhone (iOS) and Android smartphones. As with the preceding “Brutto-Netto-Rechner”, Corporate Karma has developed the user interface for all three versions. The software has been implemented by Lexware inhouse services. Further applications are in the works.