“Alpha Alien Drinks”: polytouch app for the food & beverage industry

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The future at the point-of-sale belongs to multitouch systems like polytouch from Pyramid. The polytouch works like an oversized iPhone. The apps are controlled by touch and hand movement – with up to 10 points of contact possible at the same time! Several users can therefore use the polytouch simultaneously and discover new products easily and intuitively.

Corporate Karma has developed an application for the food & beverage industry. The purpose is to facilitate product promotion and involve younger target groups at the point of sale, e.g. a discotheque or a beverage store.
The app supports the virtual brand „Alpha Alien“ and its energy drink „Shai Hulud“. It demonstrates how a stationary multitouch device like polytouch can be used to increase brand awareness and leverage sales in an entertaining and emotional way.

Customers can explore the Alpha Alien beverage product range, mix their own cocktails and print the recipe or share it online, order products via the integrated e-commerce-solution or play a fun game in order to win a voucher which could be spent on Alpha Alien cocktails at the local bar.

The polytouch is suited to use in a wide range of industries and for diverse applications. Thanks to its compact design and integrated computer, only a plug socket is needed to connect it.
Peripherals such as voucher printers, RFID scanners and cameras can be integrated to form a compact system –  the possibilities are endless!

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